• 10 (Ten) participants will be selected will be selected and contacted by a NASCAR Experience representative.
  • Participants must be at NASCAR Experience stage by 10:50 am on Saturday, April 20th to play. 
  • The contestants will be judged on length, shape, texture, volume, creativity, originality, confidence, and stage presence.
  • In the event of a tie, the tiebreaker will be broken by mullet measurement from top to bottom. The mullet with the longest length will move on.
  • Participants must be sober and compose themselves in an orderly fashion. 
  • Participants must be wearing a shirt, shorts/pants, and shoes to participate.
  • Participants may not bring any kind of beverage on stage.
  • Disorderly conduct by the participant will be an immediate disqualification from the game.

Saturday, April 20th | 11:30a – 12:00n 

10:50 am – Participants arrive/sign waivers and are given instructions for the contest. 

11:30 am – Hosts welcome Josh Williams and do a short Q&A. 

11:40 am – Host explains the rules to the audience. 

11:42 am – Round 1 - Contestants will be split up into 2 groups of 5. 

  • Group A will come on stage and show off their mullet.
  • Group B will come on stage and show off their mullet.
  • Judges will show scores on dry-erase boards.
  • Scores will be added together.
  • The top 2 from each group advance to the final round!

11:50 am – Final Round – “Final 4 come back for a 2nd appearance.” 

11:55 am – Josh awards the winner the prize based on audience cheer/applause.