GEICO Grounds Blue

Geico Grounds Blue 1

Just bringing your car and a tent? Located near Turns 1 and 2, GEICO Grounds Blue is a fun atmosphere close to the rest of the party. There’s no designated Quiet Time.



  • $450


 Campsite specs:

  • Grass spots, approximately 20’ x 20’
  • Tents/automobiles only allowed
  • No Quiet Time

What’s included:

  • One reserved camping spot
  • Two five-day infield wristbands
  • All tickets are digital. Physical camping placards and wristbands will be redeemed at the Tunnel 3 gate

More information:

  • Opens Wednesday morning of race week
  • The infield shower house (open 24 hours) is located near Turns 3 and 4 in GEICO Grounds Green
  • Additional infield wristbands ($115-120 each) can be purchased by calling 877.Go2.DEGA
  • Campers who wish to drive out of the infield and re-enter during their stay must purchase a $75 tow vehicle pass. Add to your order by calling 877.Go2.DEGA

See our camping policies before your arrival. Questions? Call 877.Go2.DEGA.

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