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The sections noted below are equipped with accessible seating. Accessible seating in the grandstands is located on the main concourse level. Accessible seating in the towers is located on the first row of the towers (except for O.V. Hill South Tower Extension). Switchback ramps are provided for those in wheelchairs or who cannot walk up stairs.

Seats in the O.V. Hill South Tower Extension are located at the top of the tower on Row 77. These are the only seas that are accessible via the elevator. 

To purchase ADA tickets, please call tel: 877.Go2.DEGA (877.462.3342)  

ADA Seating Sections


  • Lincoln Grandstand: D, F, G
  • Anniston Grandstand: E, F
  • O.V. Hill North Grandstand: EE, GG, MM, SS, TT
  • O.V. Hill South Grandstand: C, E, M, O, R
  • Birmingham Grandstand: A, C


  • O.V. Hill North Tower: E, F, G, K, M
  • Tri-Oval Tower: S, T, U, W
  • O.V. Hill South Tower N, O, P, Q, R, S, T, U
  • Birmingham Tower: F
  • Moss-Thornton Tower: C, D, E, F, G, H
  • Talladega Tower: B, F, G, H, I


  • Gadsden Grandstand: E, G, M, O


  • Lincoln Tower: A, B, C, D, E, F
  • Tri-Oval Tower: B, C, E, H, I, K, L
  • O.V. Hill South Tower Extension: N, O, P, Q, R, S, T
ADA Shuttle Service

We offer FREE transport around the property via golf carts for those with disabilities at numerous pick-up locations. Should a disabled guest need transportation from a location other than one of these designated pick-up spots, please have a family member or companion visit one of our Guest Services Fan Information Booths to request transportation.

The use of these carts is restricted to the disabled guest and one companion so that we may assist everyone. For the safety of all guests, disability assistance will not be operational for 45 minutes immediately following the conclusion of the event due to a high volume of pedestrian traffic; TSS staff will determine when conditions are safe to resume operations.

This is a FREE service courtesy of Talladega Superspeedway. Please no tipping.

Please expect to wait during peak times. Due to the high volume of requests received at various times, it is not guaranteed that transportation can be arranged from locations that are not one of our designated pick-up spots. For a full view of all ADA Shuttle Services pick-up locations, see the map here.

For a full view of all ADA Shuttle Services pick-up locations, see the TSS facility map here.

ADA Parking

Guests with disabilities who have purchased ADA wheelchair accessible seating will receive a TSS ADA Parking reserved car tag for use during the event.

These ADA Parking lots are located behind O.V. Hill North Tower/Tri-Oval Tower (ADA Lot 3) and O.V. Hill South Tower (ADA Lot 1) next to Legend's Village. A limited number of ADA Lot 3 spaces are available for purchase by calling 877.Go2.DEGA (877.462.3342).

Other guests with disabilities who have a state-issued disabled license plate or placard may park in our ADA Parking area close to Entrance Plaza 1 (ADA Lot 4).

This area is FREE and is first come, first served. This area will fill up very quickly, so guests are advised to arrive extremely early on race days.

See map below. Law enforcement will be monitoring all ADA parking areas to ensure proper use. For a full view of all Disability Guest Shuttle Service pick-up locations, see the TSS facility map here.

Wheelchair & ECV Info

Guests are welcome to bring their own wheelchairs or electric convenience vehicles (ECV) scooters for individual personal mobility assistance across the property and up into the grandstands.

An ECV is defined as a single-person, commercially manufactured electric vehicle (i.e. HoverRound, Jazzy, Rascal, Scoot, etc.).

We do not provide wheelchair or ECV rentals. Guests needing to rent a wheelchair may contact the Greater Talladega Area Chamber of Commerce before their arrival at 256.362.9075 for a referral to a local medical rental supply company.

Have questions about disability service or other fan amenities that we provide? Do not hesitate to ask a member of our staff or visit one of our Fan Information Booths located throughout the property during the weekend.

Having difficulty accessing our website?

If you are having difficulty accessing our website, please click here or contact 877.462.3342

Additional Seating Information

In order to provide accessible seating options to all guests, there will be a limit of 3 companions with each disabled guest in ADA seating. Have questions? Please call us at 877.Go2.DEGA (877.462.3342).

To purchase ADA tickets, please call 877.Go2.DEGA (877.462.3342).

Saturday Reserved Seating

Grandstand: $40 - $50 
Towers: $50 - $60 
Kids (12 & younger): Free - ticket required 

Friday Reserved Seating

Grandstand: Free
Kids (12 & younger): Free 
* ADA Seating is available in O.V Hill North Grandstand, O.V. Hill South Grandstand and Tri-Oval Tower on a first come, first served basis

Having difficulty accessing our website?

If you are having difficulty accessing our website, please click here or contact 877.462.3342