Winners Walk I and II

  • Location: Winners Walk I and  II is on the south side of the property and located outside of Turn 1.

    Vehicles Allowed:  MOTORHOMES & PULL-BEHINDS


    $325 (Winners Walk I); $300 (Winners Walk II)

    Atmosphere: Enforced Quiet Time - 12am to 6pm 

    Recreational Vehicles Only - must be self-contained.  

    Spaces are approximately 20' x 50' with gravel surface and water hook-ups. Recreational Vehicle and tow vehicle must be parked on reserved space(s).   

    A trailer with more than two vehicles (i.e. motorcycles) inside or on it must keep one vehicle on the trailer and the other vehicle can be used on Speedway property as long as it has a tow pass. Again, the vehicle without the tow pass must stay on or in the trailer and the trailer must be parked in your space. Vehicles without a pass or unlicensed motorcycles, tractor trailers, and other 4-wheel drive vehicles will not be allowed in any overnight park area.   

    You are issued 2 stickers per space. No additional stickers can be purchased or issued for your space(s).   

    Winners Walk I & II open at 6am on Tuesday of race week.   

    282 Spaces



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