GEICO North Park

  • Location: On the north side of the property between Speedway Blvd and I-20.

    Vehicles Allowed:

    Admission: FREE

    FREE Campgrounds open on 9am of Monday Morning of race week for 'DEGA Club Members and 8am on Tuesday Morning for General Public. Must Show race ticket for entry.

    Atmosphere: No Quiet Time Enforced

    Metal flagpoles are not permitted to be erected on Speedway property. Please note the following track rules are as follows: Only non-metallic flagpoles are permitted.

    Permitted: Fiberglass, PVC, Vinyl

    Not Permitted: Steel, Aluminum, other metal

    The top of a flagpole may not exceed a maximum height of 15 feet from ground surface. Flagpoles or other similar objects are NOT permitted with 20 feet of an overhead electrical line.



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